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AAFM and AIMR Agreement - Notice Regarding CFMA Chartered Financial Management Analyst Designation has been Changed and Abandoned.

Dear AAFM Members and Certificate Holders

AAFM and the Assn. for Investment Mgt. & Research have reached a global trademark and co-existance agreement. The agreement allows AAFM to use some 15 financial and executive training board certified designations worldwide while AAFM has agreed to abandon 2 older registered trademarks Chartered Financial Management Analyst CFMA & CFA Certified Financial Analyst.

The AAFM Board of Standards had voted to abandon the CFMA Designation and other designations at issue. The New Financial Analysis Designation will be Financial Analyst Designate FAD™

Because AAFM has reached agreement with AIMR ™ Worldwide, MFP Master Financial Professional™ and RFS Registered Financial Specialist™ Designations are designated for AAFM global use and will also become Worldwide Financial Designations under a similar agreement with the CFP™ Board this year. AAFM is an independent self regulatory financial organizationwith members in 100 countries, but it was agreed that there would be no objection by AIMR™ to AAFMs use, registration or proliferation of 15 brand marks including MFP Master Financial Professional and RFS Registered Financial Specialist™. This month, the old AAFM Char. Fin. Mgt. Analyst Designation Trademark would be abandoned by AAFM at the request of the AIMR. All member holders should be notified by email and disclaimer of discontinued use - posted prominently on website.

AIMR has also agreed to allow AAFM to use the following trademarks without objection.

  • RBA Registered Business Analyst
  • MFM Master Financial Manager
  • FAD Financial Analyst Designate
  • MCA Master Corporate Analyst
  • MAC Master Accredited Controller
  • MFC Master Financial Controller
  • MFP Master Financial Professional
  • CAM Certified or Chartered Asset Manager
  • RFS Registered Financial Specialist
  • CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner
  • CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager
  • CWM Chartered Wealth Manager
  • CRA Certified Risk Analyst
  • CCF Certified in Corporate Finance
  • Registered Market Analyst

Honorary AAFM member Judge H. A. Mentz, Jr. US Dist. Judge Ret. stated that this is the type of agreement where everyone wins.

Signing Ceremony may be held on Jan. 7th, 2004

All Rights Reserved 2004 - This Article may not be duplicated by anyone who is not a member of the AAFM

























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