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The AAFM ® International Board of Standards is the 1st US EU Company to achieve TUV Accreditation for ISO 29990 Certified Training and 9001 Quality while working with Accredited Business and Law Schools Worldwide

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AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® 

AAFM ® Global - Mission Statement


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



FAQS - AAFM ® American Academy Board of Standards - AAFM ® Certifications and our Graduate Requirements have been Featured and Disclosed in the Investopedia, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and the FINRA/NASD Reference Guide for Years. 


"The AAFM ® is The First Certifying Board in the World to Require Government Recognized Graduate Credentials and accredited degree work while Accepting Double Accredited Degrees and Exams from 560+ government recognized business schools as a certification path"


News: The AAFM ® Board USA consults again this year with US Government to provide insights on financial innovation, reform, and employment analysis.

The AAFM ® Board of Standards USA Recognizes, accredits, sanctions or approves of over 600 government recognized educational programs globally. The AAFM ® Board of Standards is sole body that issues the certifications, distinctions, designations, awards while also engaged in public policy discussions, research, consulting, and alliances globally.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions




How and when was the AAFM ® Board founded?

A: The AAFM Board of Standards was founded in 1996, via a merger between the American Academy of Financial Management & Analysts (AAFMA) and the Founders Advisory Committee of the Original Tax and Estate Planning Law Review. The AAFM was originally established as a professional organization for investment managers, lawyers, and analysts. The Law Review was founded to examine strategic wealth and estate planning issues for Law, CPA, and MBA graduates and to award the financial analyst and tax designation. The merger of these two entities provided a cross-discipline association with strong reach and a mature membership platform.



How is the AAFM Structured?

A: The AAFM is the official Board of Standards and Certifying Body. The AAFM Board and AAFM Accreditation Commission regulates the certifications, exams, registered educational programs, and standards for certifications along with issuing a membership code of ethics and standards of practice. Board Recognized. The Board and Governance has regulated the highest standards in certification for over a Decade including: Accredited Education, Exams from Accredited Programs, Experience, Continuing Education, and Ethics.  AAFM works directly with several hundred non profit educational institutions globally.


AAFM localized member organizations operate in most countries as a ‘society’ or non-profit association, with the members of the local or regional chapter making up the ‘owners’ of the local chapter. At all times the AAFM and its members are accountable to the community and to the Board of Standards. The Academy’s legal and operational structure is somewhat dictated by a landmark US Supreme Court case (Ibanez vs. Florida and the Peel Case) and these cases also dictates the use of the AAFM marks as respect it’s members.



How do I join The American Academy of Financial Management ® ?

A: Simply submit your application and resume for review to our AAFM™Global Board of Standards which is composed of Professionals and Executives in 100 countries Worldwide. You will soon learn if you are eligible for advanced standing. AAFM is the first to require graduate credentials for membership.™



Is The American Academy recognized worldwide?

A: AAFM ® has an acknowledgment agreement with the ACBSP and the ACBSP Accreditation Agency and a global recognition agreement and professional association membership with the AACSB ™ International. AAFM ® now approves over 560 registered educational programs which are accredited. AAFM®  is the first global organization to recognize superior business schools. AAFM ® has members who are top faculty from the best universities in the World. AAFM ® is listed disclosed on the Investor Education, Dept of Education, United Nations Civil Society, and US Department of Labor Websites while AAFM ®  is the 1st International Financial Org to receive sanction recognition from an agency of the Chinese Government -- the largest population in the world. Further, AAFM ® has co-existence legal trademark agreements with the CFP™ and CFA AIMR™ Board of Standards where AAFM™ has legal rights to various trademarks and IP such as the the MFP™ Master Financial Professional™ Trademark and Licensing around the world while the AAFM respects the IP of the others.



How do I gain Board Certification and a Charter?

A: Read the AAFM™ requirements page and then apply .© to our Graduate Board of Standards Review.



What is AAFMs Mission?

A: Click Here to Read the AAFM Global Mission Statement



Can our company offer AAFM Certified Training?

A: AAFM®  accredited or recognizes certification courses worldwide . If you desire in-house corporate training or your institution has an interest in offering AAFM ® Executive Certification Programs through your government recognized training centers, company, or college, please contact us by clicking here.



How about AAFM Training?

A: AAFM offers financial planning training and wealth management training in conjunction with TJSL Law School, BISYS International, BSI Global, Dearborn Kaplan, and The IIPA Worldwide. These are some of the largest financial training companies in the world. BISYS and Dearborn Kaplan have made online courses available for AAFM and the various academies are offering AAFM certification training courses in several countries worldwide.



What other recognition does AAFM have?

A: AAFM has been listed or recognized by various governmental and authoritative bodies in specific Investor Education Online Brochures, the US Government Occupational Handbook,  and the US Department of Labor Websites , Through Global Alliances, Through membership in Accreditation Organizations, and through global trademark agreements.



How do I gain AAFM Board Certification and a Charter?

A: Read the AAFM™ requirements page and then apply .©.



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The AAFM ® International Board of Standards is the global certifying body and standards council that owns and issues the certifications, charters, masters designations, global intellectual property, copyrights, designations, and marks used internationally . ©


AAFM ® Board Mission Statement


  1. Continue as a "World Class Certifying Body"
  2. Promote high standards and Quality Assurance as a Global Accreditation Council.
  3. Globally Promote Accredited Program Courses and Exams and the Norm.
  4. Work with governments and institutions to promote the standards for each Certification, Charter, and Masters Designation.
  5. Provide forward looking ethics and codes of conduct that benefits society, industry and the public.
  6. Be a positive and constructive voice in finance on the Global Stage.
  7. Assist executive assessment and development of financial professionals interested in investments, financial planning, corporate finance, estate planning, asset management, risk management, taxation, and market and financial analysis.
  8. Promote and protect the integrity of the AAFM Certification, Charters, Designations, Membership, alliances, articuations, both nationally and internationally.
  9. Provide a structure for interaction between members and the professional financial community, business executives, government finance officials, and finance related academic professionals.
  10. Enhance employment opportunities for AAFM Members at all levels via networking, training, and outreach.
  11. To continue to grow internationally with specialized on-site executive training available at select colleges and training centers.
  12. Improve the knowledge and education of the public at large as an investment and financial industry information clearinghouse.


To apply for a portfolio review to see if you pre-qualify,please email your resume or CV using our application form



Accredited Certification Standards of AAFM ®


  1. AAFM ® awards Certification to successful graduates of the online law school courses which are from an Accredited Law School. AAFM ® is the first in the WORLD to have an alliance with an Accredited Law School.
  2. The AAFM ® American Academy is The First to Directly Recognize by Articulation the Highest Certifications Standards including:


  1. Accredited Programs
  2. Government Recognized Programs
  3. Exams from Accredited Programs
  4. Double Accreditation
  5. Government Licenses
Accredited financial analyst master financial planner certified asset manager portfolio manager chartered designation credential Accredited financial analyst master financial planner certified asset manager portfolio manager chartered designation credential


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