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  American Academy of Financial Management
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American Academy of Financial Management ™

AAFM In House and Corporate Training Worldwide


  • Certification Marks of which enhance the company employee's prominence with clients e.g. resume value improvement
  • Our global trainers are AAFM™ Certified and Accredited
  • Our courses are backed up and in-alliance with The Royal Society™ and The Offshore Institute™
  • We are the only financial organization in the world that has a global recognition agreement with the highest accreditation authority for business schools internationally. e.g. AACSB
  • We now have liaison offices and representatives in US, Mexico, Middle East, India, Asia, HK, Singapore, Brussels, Carribean, Germany, Switzerland and more.
  • We offer courses in the US, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and more.
  • We have education training materials and alliances with 4 of the largest financial trainers and publishers in the world: BISYS International, Dearborn Kaplan, IBS, and Thomson Learning and Publishing?
  • Certificates are signed and sealed to meet Int'l Formalities
  • We are aligned with the top 800 business schools worldwide.
  • Offering elearning courses is an international option
  • Typical 2 Day executive training Courses run in America are $ 2950 dollars US per student of which we can out-perform the others on quality and value ratings.
  • AAFM is a graduate institute and academy that offers real membership and credentials. (not just training or tests)
  • AAFM has offical and sanctioned training channels
  • AAFM can enhance the knowledge and resumes of your employees, management and executives for better branding.
  • AAFM has some of the top PhDs and Executives from around the world as members, fellows, trainers, board members, and advisors.
  • We offer award winning on-site and online training in conjunction with the AAFM Trainers and our training alliances.
  • Our executive coaching curriculum committee is chaired by Prof. Dr. Geo. S. Mentz , JD, MBA, PHD, CWM, MFP - who was one of the top wealth management advisors in the US. for major banks & International Financial Institutions - Wall Street and Brokerage Firms. Dr. Mentz has personally presented, trained, published educational brochures, and coached in the area of Wealth Management to over 5000 financial instutition employees for a US Wall Street Firm and publicly listed banking institutions.
  • We can design custom executive certification training to meet your tactical and cultural needs.
  • We offer a AAFM Congress Sanctioned Catalog of International Certification Courses
  • Our certification training is in compliance with The Ibanez Supreme Court Decision and AAFM Certification Convention
  • Over 700 thousand people have come to AAFM for continued education, financial training and learning, financial skills, and financial information.
  • AAFM has provided training and certification in over 100 countries to officers, employees, professors and executives from the top banks, business schools, and largest financial institutions.